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NWA-NJ Women's Matches Results 12/19

December 25, 2004 (6:11am): NWA North Jersey was officially transformed into NWA New Jersey on Sunday afternoon, December 19, at Lucky's in Passaic, New Jersey.

The New Big Unit--Joe Rules, Rick Silver, and Cindy Rogers--were in attendance, as Cindy Rogers was defending the NWA-NJ Women's Title against Mercedes Martinez. Rules & Silver were in Cindy's corner.

This great match came to an end when Mercedes hit Rogers with a superkick, and Joe Rules jumped onto the ring apron--Martinez popped him in the face, knocking him to the floor!

Mercedes Martinez hit a neckbreaker off the ropes, Rules managed to get up in time to distract the ref, Rick Silver snuck in and kayoed Martinez with Cindy's championship belt, put Cindy on top of her, and the ref turned around just in time to count to three. Cindy Rogers retains the NWA-NJ Women's Title, and all is right in The New Big Unit.

Over the summer, Ariel & Tara Charisma captured the Women's Tag Team Championship, but when Tara Charisma departed from the promotion, Ariel was left without a partner. She had defended the belts on several occassions with different partners, but now she was required to find a permanent partner.

It looked at first that Ariel would simply face Miss DeVille (making her NWA-NJ debut) in a one-on-one match. But as it turned out, DeVille was in fact teaming up with Ariel's former ally Referee Sean Hanson!

Little did they know Ariel was ready for them, and she had a partner of her own: SYNNDY! (also making her NWA-NJ debut)

Ariel & Synndy successfully defended the title and are now the official NWA-NJ Women's Tag Team Champions!

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Source: Joe Rules

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