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OPWO debuts March 4 in the UK

January 5, 2005 (9:50am): On Friday, March 4, 2005 in Preston, Lancashire, UK, Original Pro Wrestling Organization will have its debut show.

Melicious, the president of OPWO, will make her presence known in a Street Fight - Melicious & Mikey Furiae (w/The Empire) vs. Mailman & Dean Christ.

"The Princess of Darkness" teams with new Empire member Mikey Furiae against her old enemy Mailman and his partner of choice and 4FW compatriot Dean Christ. Melicious claims that Mailman's problems with her are down to jealousy, just like everyone else, while Mailman claims that it's "personal."

You can rest assured that no punches will be pulled in this contest as it has been signed as a street fight.

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Source: Melicious

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