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Fourteen Women to Appear on SAW Event

January 7, 2005 (12:17pm): On Saturday, January 22nd 2005, Slam All Star Wrestling will present an event called "Rise Above It."

This show will feature many of its usual roster members including current SAW Heavyweight Champion The Northern Studd, The Bull, "Bad Religion" Maxx Burton, SAW Television Champion "Moviestar" Michael Monroe, Legion "Freakin" Cage, and RPW Heavyweight Champion "Mourning Star" Marcus Hall.

But on this night, this company is boasting something rather special. There will be fourteen female personalities scheduled to appear on this one card. This happening is almost unheard of in pro wrestling today.

Several of the ladies are featured as G.L.O.R.Y. Girls. This is in reference to the website dedicated exclusively to women in professional wrestling. That site is

This is a listing of all the women in question, some G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, some not, but all driven:

1) Alexzandra Heiress. Known as "The Denim Clad Socialite," she heads a top faction known as "The Heiress Foundation." Accompanies former SAW Heavyweight Champion "Bad Religion" Maxx Burton. She is also the first woman in history to hold a pro wrestling championship in the state of Vermont.

2) Demonica. A name that is known throughout the independent scene in New England, Demonica is one of the toughest women competitors going today. She was the first PWF-NE Women's Champion and former commissioner of Tri State Wrestling.

3) Tallulah Rae and Debbie Sue Franklin, "The Moonshiners." These two ladies have had alter egos in their careers. Currently they are a country born and bred sister combo that has shown much promise. They made history by becoming the first WXW Women's Tag Team Champions. WXW is a promotion out of Pennsylvania run by the famous Samoan family, specifically Afa.

4) Shana. She has had most of her experience in World Of Hurt Wrestling out of Hudson Falls, New York as one of the top managers there. Shana has also been seen in Tri State Wrestling and NWA Upstate. She has had a long standing feud with Alexzandra Heiress in SAW as well.

5) Lady Amazon. The 15-year veteran has been with the best in business and is a legend in the making. She first appeared in SAW at their show in tribute to 9/11. "The Bounty Huntress" does not back down from anyone.

6) Stephanie Roberts. A manager out of Rochester, New York. She is known to accompany her main man I.B. Green to the ring. I.B. Green is a tag partner to Kage, collectively known as D.O.S. (Degenerates of Society)

7) Athena and Luscious Latasha. The tag team called "Rated X" is a true dichotomy of experience. Athena is a 10-year veteran who knows her business. Latasha is a rookie that is a protege to Athena. As a team, these two plan to dominate.

8) Cassy Strayter. "The F.B.I." That stands for Full Breasted Italian. A no-nonsense, in your face type, Cassy is known as having no fear. She is not above climbing onto the nearest balcony and diving off on to her opponent.

9) Amber. The current SAW Women's Champion Amber Hallow is also a rookie, but on her way to the top fast. She can be seen in PWF-Northeast and by the side of her man Jon Thornhill. Amber is ready, willing, and able to take on all challengers.

10) Yvonna Leach. The personal assistant to Alexzandra Heiress. Yvonna is usual by the side of HF member, Vigo. Yvonna also keeps a close eye on Alex when she is in action, just in case.

11) Tamela. "The Adorable One." Tamela is cousin to Alexzandra Heiress and accompanies HF member Drake Evans to the ring. Don't let the cute face throw you off. Once opportunity arises, Tamela will do the bidding of the HF and watch over her relative Alexzandra Heiress.

12) Gina Marie. A woman who has been active in wrestling for 6 years, is now focusing on more in ring action. A daredevil in her own right, Gina can fly and wrestle with the best of them. Gina has been seen at ringside with New England indy wrestler Legion "Freakin" Cage as of late.

This the largest roster of women on one wrestling event ever in New England. For more information you can refer to for a complete listing of their upcoming events and roster. This is quite a feature and this company is gaining momentum like no other company in the Green Mountain State.

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Source: Joey LaRocque

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