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Aggy Reviews JWA-United's "Girls' Night Out"

April 11, 2005 (3:55pm): I watched the "Girls' Night Out" DVD this afternoon. Good show with not a bad match on the card. For me the match of the night was The Diva Killas vs. Kiss of Death. I've wanted to see the Diva Killas for a while, and they did not disappoint. Especially Kayla Sparks, how can a 16 year old be that good? It's scary to think how good she will be with 10 years experience behind her.

Although I guess the girls are too young to understand the irony of a team called the Diva Killas coming out to the Spice Girls.

Also loved the "Win a Date with JOE RULES" segment. Although I will be very disappointed if at the next show Joe doesn't come to the ring wearing shorts with Rick Silver's Girlfriend's face on (let's see who else out there remembers that angle!)

The only minor criticisms, and it didn't really effect the show too much, was the venue was very dark. As black seems to be the color of choice for wrestlers, it was sometimes hard to tell what was going on. My suggestion would be for Joe to lend all the wrestlers on future shows his shirts... :)

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Source: Aggy

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