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WEW PPV Premiers July 14

July 7, 2005 (4:08pm): Aficionados of women's wrestling will want to mark Thursday night, July 14, on their calendars when WEW presents the premier of "No Ho's Barred" at 10:00 PM/ET on Events In Demand Pay-Per-View, featuring many of the top stars of lady wrestling. The suggested price is $14.95.

The bevy of standouts who will appear on the program will include the extremely popular Francine, Jazz, Tai "Killer" Weed, Angel "Prodigette" Orsini and Simply Luscious.

Encore performances of "No Ho's Barred " on Events in Demand are as follows: July 15 (12:30 AM/ET), July 17 (7:00 AM/ET) , July 18 (11: AM/ET), July 19 (1:30 AM/ET), July 20 (6:30 AM/ET), July 22 (11:00 AM and 2:00 AM/ET), July 26 (5:30 AM/ET) and July 28 (11:00 AM/ET).

In addition, TVN 1 will air "No Ho's Barred" on the following dates: July 16 (12:00 AM/ET), July 17 (12:00 AM/ET), July 20 (11:00 PM/ET), July 22 (4:00 AM/ET) and July 28 (10:00 PM/ET)

WEW promised to feature an all brand new cast of today's hottest and wildest female sports entertainers with truly the most dysfunctional storylines, vignettes, locker room drama, high-flying wrestling battles, as well as unique match concepts. WEW aims to be the true "Innovators of Dysfunctional Family Entertainment."

Source: Joe Buono

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