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DWOW returns to Connecticut on March 10

February 27, 2006 (3:19pm): FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Friday, March 10, 2006
Dangerous Women of Wrestling Main Office
Philadelphia, PA

The Dangerous Women of Wrestling (D.W.O.W.) return to action Friday, March 10th 2006 at Tuxedo Junction 2 Ives Street - Danbury, Connecticut (203)748-2561 for REVHOLUTION! which will be filmed for The Dangerous Women of Wrestling future Television program, as well as a DVD release and Pay Per View. Tickets for REVHOLUTION! are on sale now at and in person at Tuxedo Junction. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 the day of the show. Doors open at 9 PM with $1 Bud Lights and Bell Time is 10 PM.

A Dysfunctional DWOW Danbury World Title Match
The Blue Meanie (former E.C.W. / W.W.E. star) issues a challenge to any in Danbury!
-It has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for The Blue Meanie as he captured his first Championship in some time. However, it is The Dangerous Women of Wrestling Women's World Title. Blue has been welcomed by most of the girls in the locker room, but there are a few women (and men) that think his title reign has tarnished the title and plan to do something about it.


DWOW Tag Team Titles Match: Bar Tab vs. Food Tab (winner gets the gold and either their Bar Tab or Food Tab will be picked up by the losers!)
The Maez vs. Cristol & Jana
-The Maez have been riding high since brining home the prestigious gold to the farm. From parties galore with drinking and eating the Maez have run up an expensive bill. Someone has to pay and The Maez want nothing to do with all the bills. Cristol on the other hand is on a mission and would like nothing more than grab some gold and get some free drinks. This was supposed to be a rematch from New Year's Rezzho-lution, but Liz Savage seems to have attracted the attention of Missy Samsonite as she has been called out for a Danbury Street Fight. Jana, a longtime friend of Cristol, has been called on to help out her friend.


A Wrestling Match
Candie vs. Nikki Roxx w/Tara as special guest referee
-Enter Nikki Roxx as she is looking to continue to build her name and rep in the Women's Wrestling business. Nikki asked for no special treatment and specifically asked to start at the bottom of the DWOW roster with a match with Candie. Candie is coming off an upsetting loss from New Year's Rezzho-lution, as Angela not only pinned Candie but Cris The Cross Dresser too. Candie and Tara have not taken kindly to Nikki's request insinuating that she (Candie) was at the bottom of the DWOW roster. Tara has been spotted with Candie on several occasions. Don't be surprised if they are scheming and planning to make sure Candie gets her way at REVHOLUTION!


Danbury Hardcore Match
Missy Samonsite vs. Liz Savage
-Liz Savage had dreams of capturing gold with Cristol on her debut night at New Year's Rezzho-lution, but The Maez did not let those dreams come true. Missy Samsonite on the other hand feels snubbed by DWOW as she was not scheduled in a match as promised. Missy claims that even though she is not your typical eye candy wrestler, she deserves a spot like any other woman. Missy interrupted a match between Lacey and Ranmaru at New Year's Rezzho-lution and claimed she was in DWOW to leave her permanent mark. Missy has real-life dislike for Liz and feels Liz has not paid her dues in wrestling and is looking to make an example of Liz Savage.

Also on the card: The recently injured Angel Orsini has made a statement saying that no matter what she would be at REVHOLUTION! Angel and Sumie Sakai ripped the house down at DWOW's New Year's Rezzho-lution as Angel broke her one heel and shattered the other with a 18 foot table jump. Many close to the situation are wondering if Orsini's doctors will allow her to make the almost three hour commute in fears of complications of her surgery. Two not-so-favorites are also scheduled to be in attendance in Commissioner Smoke and The Sound Guy. Neither have been heard from or seen since the last event when The Blue Meanie beat their counterpart Amy Lee. What are they planning and what is up their sleeves? Look for another new piece of talent to make her debut in some capacity as Taylor will enter the dysfunctional world of DWOW! All this and more at REVHOLUTION! Friday, March 10, 2006 at Tuxedo Junction in Danbury, CT.

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