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WWW Results

September 12, 2006 (4:30pm): Sunday, September 10, 2006:

WWW returned to the GoodTime Emporium in Sommerville, MA.

The show featured a "Ladies Choice" Mixed Tag Team tournament. There wwould be two singles matches, with the winners going on to meet in a mixed tag team match with male partners of their choice later in the night.

In the opening contest and match one of the "Ladie's Choice", Della Morte defeated Amber with an armbar submission to move to the mixed tag match.

Sean Gorman and Tanya Lee came to the ring to complain about Tanya's title shot being a three-way match with Ariel and WWW Champion Nikki Roxx. This caused a confrontation with Ariel and an altercation nearly ensued. Ariel shoved Gorman to the floor, but before Tanya and Ariel could lock up, the wily manager pulled his charge from the ring.

Alere Little Feather reversed a powerbomb attempt by the debuting Taylor Nicole managed by Joe Rules with a rana to win in her WWW return.

WWW Champion Nikki Roxx came to the ring to thank the fans for their support of her on route to winning the WWW Championship and WWW as a promotion. She also stated she was ready to defend the title against all contenders.

Kacee Carlisle was set to wrestle Lexxus in match two of the "Ladies Choice" match, but was attacked by an unidentified goth-looking woman. As a result, she moved forward in the tournament by DQ.

Jana faced Natalia in a singles match where it appeared Natalia would get the pin following the Overdrive neckbreaker, but Jana managed to get a foot on the ropes. With the referee's back turned, Jana reached into her shirt and pulled out a chain, knocking Natalia out and pinned her for the win.

In the "Ladies' Choice" Mixed Tag Team Match, Della Morte chose "The Exotic" Kristian Frost as her partner and Kacee Carlisle chose "Straight Edge" Brian Fury. This exceptional tag match broke down with the Fury throwing Frost to the outside and hitting him with a somersault plancha. As Della looked in horror at her partner down outside the ring, Carlisle rolled her up with a schoolgirl for the win. Post Match, an angry Della Morte hit Kristian Frost below the belt for not taking their loss seriously and being more interested in dancing for the fans.

Violet Flame and Mia Love were about 8 minutes into their contest when the goth woman returned and laid both out with devestating sitout DVDs. The fans began to chant at the woman "Who the Hell are you?"... at this point that info has yet to be discovered.

In the main event of the evening, WWW Champion Nikki Roxx defended against Ariel and Tanya Lee managed by Sean Gorman. The first woman to score a fall would be crowned champion. There were many moments when it appeared both Tanya Lee and Ariel would win the title. Ariel sidestepped a charge by Tanya, sending her to the floor on top of Sean Gorman. Ariel turned right into the waiting arms of Nikki who hit her with the Barbie Crusher to gain the fall and retain her title.

POST MATCH: Both Ariel and Tanya Lee attacked Roxx with Gorman calling the shots. Natalia came to the ring brandishing a chair. The rulebreakers scattered as Natalia stood over her fallen friend. Gorman popped onto the ring apron to be met with a thunderous right hand by Natalia, but that opening allowed Tanya and Ariel to attack Natalia from behind and begin an assault on her as well. In a scary moment, they placed Natalia face first on a chair with Sean Gorman holding her hands and hit her with a double dropkick to the shoulders. This sent the face of Natalia smashing into the chair. Natalia was down for a while and officials came to check on her. It appeared she had her nose broken and was escorted to the back bleeding fairly bad from the face. The crowd gave her a standing ovation as Natalia and Nikki Roxx walked to the back for medical attention

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Source: Matt Storm

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