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SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES News for 11.06.06

November 6, 2006 (3:44pm): Headlines:
- Happy Anniversary!


Today is November 6, 2006.

It's been one year since the debut SHIMMER event.

Sitting in Tampa about eleven months ago as we did production work on the first two Volumes of the DVD series, I reminded Allison Danger that on commentary we shouldn't really make any references to the DVD's being "only the beginning," or use terms that would suggest that we'd have numerous future events. We knew in reality, those first two releases could wind up being the only two SHIMMER DVD's ever produced. At the time, we didn't know what kind of response we'd get for those initial DVD offerings, or if our efforts would wind up paying off in the long run. If they weren't successful... at least we gave the concept a shot, and produced two DVD's that we could be proud of. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

I'm incredibly pleased that we've been able to complete one full year of operation. It has been through the hard work of all of the wrestlers, staff members, and the support of our loyal fan base that we've been able to stay in business for more than just that initial DVD taping in November of 2005.

I've said in several interviews that I have tremendous faith in the abilities of the SHIMMER women to put together quality wrestling shows, and that regardless of the gender of the wrestlers on the card, if the matches entertain the audience and keep them coming back for more, that's all that really matters. Though some fans (and even some in the business) were skeptical that a serious women's wrestling product in the United States could succeed, those who were familiar with the work of the women involved in SHIMMER probably knew that the concept would be appreciated, and be accepted. We've successfully filmed eight DVD releases during our first year, and have built what I feel is a very strong foundation to build on for the future.

Twenty-nine women wrestlers have competed under the SHIMMER banner during our first year. I'd like to extend a gigantic thank you to each of those women for their efforts, and for putting their physical well being on the line for the sake of giving the audience the best show possible each and every time they stepped into the ring.

The women of the independent scene are oftentimes overlooked for their real progress in learning the craft. I'm extremely proud of the development of so many of the wrestlers on the roster during the course of the past few years. Many fans who have followed the careers of the various competitors have noticed improvement in skill level of so many of the SHIMMER wrestlers as of late. I'm happy that this promotion has become a quality outlet for these women to show fans, promoters, and their fellow wrestlers just what they are capable of in the ring when given the ball to run with.

It is my hope that SHIMMER can continue to be a productive stage for the top women athletes to display their talents, and for the less experienced wrestlers to gain some valuable ring time and get some exposure. It has always been one of SHIMMER's goals to be a place for wrestlers to have the opportunity to step in the ring with other women who they may not otherwise have had the chance to work with and learn from. When we formed this company, I wanted SHIMMER to be the promotion that would bring the very best women from across the independent scene together in one location to put together a unique show that can't be found elsewhere. To take a Sara Del Rey from California and put her in the ring against a top notch east coast star like Mercedes Martinez, and have them tear it up on the same day they met for the first time. To make dream matches come to fruition, that may not have otherwise had the chance to come together due to the geographic locations of each of the wrestlers. To
give the fans something special, and an alternative to the other women's wrestling offerings out there.

Needless to say, one year ago today, Sara and Mercedes did indeed tear the house down with an incredible display of their talents, and had a breakthrough match that put this company on the map. That same day, Lacey and Daizee Haze had the unenviable task of not only following Del Rey/Martinez, but also delivering a main event level match to headline our first DVD release. Both Lacey and Daizee gave it their all, and the end result was their best all around match against one another to date. They showed everyone in attendance why they are among the elite in American women's wrestling.

That first spark between Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif one year ago today wound up igniting a feud that captured the attention of wrestling fans around the world, with matches that were not only limited to the SHIMMER realm, but also made waves out in California at ChickFight as well. The level of creativity and the ability to withstand so much punishment that both women displayed during their series showed just how dedicated to the trade Melissa and MsChif are.

Several of the SHIMMER athletes endured injuries in the process of delivering that product, sometimes still going out there a second time for another match after sustaining that injury during the first half of the taping. Shantelle Taylor competing for almost twenty minutes against Cheerleader Melissa after dislocating her jaw, and still going out there and wrestling again later in the night. Lacey battling through a concussion to still go out and perform in a second match. Mercedes Martinez suffering a dislocated shoulder and continuing to fight. Rain battling through a knee injury. MsChif cracking her head open on the wall of the Eagles Club and still wrestling for another twenty minutes in one of the most memorable matches on a SHIMMER show thus far. So many of the wrestlers have shown just how hard they are willing to work to give the fans the best product possible.

One year ago, eighteen women athletes presented what I hope will wind up being a landmark event in American women's pro wrestling when all is said and done. Less than 100 fans at an Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL watched it live, and thousands have had a chance witness it on DVD in the time since. Here's hoping that thousands more have a chance to watch all of these talented wrestlers do their thing for many more DVD's to come!

Just saying thank you to all of the wrestlers who have appeared for us during the past twelve months doesn't cover it, because there are so many different people who have made it possible for SHIMMER to make it through year number one. With apologies if I forget anyone along the way...

Allison Danger: Most people have no idea what a huge part of SHIMMER Danger truly is. Outside of her contributions in the ring and commentary on the DVD's, Allison has done so much to help bring the SHIMMER shows to fruition. I wouldn't be able to pull off a project like this without Danger's involvement, from an organizational standpoint on taping days, to just handling the day to day issues of running an independent promotion and the decision making process. She doesn't get the credit she deserves for all she's done to help SHIMMER grow within the past year. Thank you, Danger!

Gabe Sapolsky and everyone at ROH: For endorsing the SHIMMER product, and encouraging the ROH audience to give women's wrestling a shot. It is through the DVD distribution and word of mouth at ROH that we've been able to get our product into the hands of wrestling fans that are appreciative of the style of show we present. If it weren't for ROH, SHIMMER wouldn't have the following it does today.

Sal Hamaoui: For all of the production work necessary to create our DVD product, and for dealing with all of the picky editing demands I have for each release.

Tony Scarpone and Danny Daniels: For giving SHIMMER the perfect setting to hold the DVD tapings, and pushing our product to your fan base at the Eagles Club. The AAW team plays a huge part in making the live events come together.

Mike Robles, Jesse Irwin, Mike Petkovich, Jack Edinger, and Glenn Boyle: For capturing all of the matches on video for us which make up the DVD series that keeps us in business.

Kevin Kleinrock and everyone at Big Vision Entertainment: For giving SHIMMER the opportunity to be seen by casual fans across North America through placing our product in retail.

Mary-Kate Grosso: For all of the work you've put toward the web site, as well as shooting ringside photos at all of the tapings for fans to check out online.

Jill McKee: For all of the posed photos that have been essential to the creation of all of our DVD covers and promotional materials.

HJ: For the logo design, and putting together all of the live event flyers, web site graphics, and t-shirt artwork.

Powerslam Promotions: For designing all of our DVD covers and making a million changes to them until I'm satisfied with the final drafts.

Dan Lawrence, Trik Davis, Andy Long, PJ Drummond, Keith Walker, Jimmy Jacobs, and all of the local workers and AAW staff members who have lent a helping hand at the tapings to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Talent Relations: For the suggestions, and helping me make initial contact with several wrestlers who wound up being solid additions to SHIMMER.

Nigel McGuinness, BJ Whitmer, Colt Cabana, Alex Shelley, and all of the ROH wrestlers who have either made talent suggestions and/or took the time out of their schedules on a few Sundays to support us at SHIMMER and give the wrestlers some guidance in the process.

Nora Greenwald: For coming down to our 5/21 taping and making yourself available to the fans and giving feedback to many of the women on our roster.

Lexie Fyfe: For being a key facet of the women's wrestling scene for several years now, and for giving me honest advice and valuable recommendations along the way.

Rebecca Knox: For your exceptional outings on four of our DVD's thus far. Get well soon, K-Nox... we miss you and look forward to more of your shenanigans in the future!

Beth Phoenix, Krissy Vaine, Shantelle Taylor, and Nikita: Though you've all moved on in your careers, we were glad to have you as a part of the SHIMMER family while we had the chance. Best of luck to you all!

Jason Deadrich and everyone at For providing SHIMMER with another avenue to deliver our product to the fans, and an additional revenue stream to help keep us in operation.

Sheldon Goldberg: Who has made great strides in raising the prestige of American women's professional wrestling in the New England area, much like Jason and everyone at APW has done on the west coast. We all have a common goal in mind, and hopefully other promoters will begin to follow suit during the coming years.

Ian Rotten: For giving me the initial opportunity to book women's pro wrestling the way I wanted to see it portrayed, and providing me with the necessary experience to eventually take on a project such as this.

Bryan Alvarez, Les Thatcher, Doc Young, Mike Trash, David Bixenspan, Mike Johnson, Bob Magee, Zach Arnold, Adam Summers, Dr. Keith Lipinski, Chris McNamara, Jenny Seay, Jamie Melissa Kreiser, everyone at Rumble Radio, and everyone else who has helped plug SHIMMER and spread the word via their respective radio shows, publications, and web sites to expand our audience.

And finally, a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have supported SHIMMER during our first year! Whether you're one of the first fans to sign up for the SHIMMER Forums or our Yahoo Group in October of last year, you're one of the fans who has made the trip to Berwyn to be a part of the live tapings, you're an ROH fan who took the risk of buying one of our DVD's, or you're a new fan who just found out about SHIMMER from seeing the DVD on the shelf at Best Buy... we appreciate every penny you've put into this company and all of the time you've spent checking out what we have to offer.

Thanks for a great first year, everybody!

--Dave Prazak

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