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Queens of Chaos Results

November 20, 2006 (1:21pm): PM Show :

Princess of Chaos Tournament :
1st round of the tournament:
- Roxi (UK) defeats Minx (UK)
- Lacrima (Italy) defeats Maya (Italy)
- Jazzy Bi (Germany) defeats Pandora (UK)
- Jade (UK) defeats Jennidee (Ireland)
- Jersey (Germany) defeats Portia Perez (Canada)
- April Hunter (USA) defeats Christy Hemme (USA)

Male exhibition match: Fabio Constantino (France) defeats Domino (France)

Title Match :
- Sweet Saraya (UK - Queens of Chaos champion) retains her title defeating Sumie Sakai
4 Corners of Chaos Number One Conterder Match :
- April Hunter wins the tournament over Roxi, Jazzy B, Lacrima, Jersey and Jade

8 PM Show ; Queens of Chaos 2 :
Match for being the referee in the Main Event:
- Christy Hemme beats Minx
FSF Championship Match :
- Are$ beat Bad Bones & Murat Bosporus.
- Sumie Sakai defeats Portia Perez
- Jade, Jazzy Bi & Lacrima defeat Maya, Pandora & Jennidee
- Roxi defeats Jersey
Title Match :
- April Hunter beats Sweet Saraya(c) (Christy Hemme was the referee)

Some notes of the shows :
- 5 different countries represented in the crowd (France - Belgium - Netherland - UK - Ireland)
- Jade and April Hunter were very sick during the shows. Thanks from all the Queens of Chaos team for their efforts.
- Sweet Saraya lost her Queens of Chaos title. This was the shortest reign (less than 2 months) since the creation of the promotion.
- April Hunter is the new Queen of Chaos and will defend her title for the next show on the 21th of January.

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Source: Jerome POURRUT

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