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Katie Kincaid

While many G.L.O.R.Y. Girls jump into the ring to cause chaos and mayhem, this G.L.O.R.Y. Girl's job is to make sure that doesn't happen! Meet Katie of the few female referees on the indy wrestling scene. And Ms. Kincaid isn't afraid to enforce the rules of wrestling. It doesn't matter whether it's a match between two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls or four giant 350-pound men in a violent tag team brawl...Katie Kincaid won't back down from doing her job: keeping order inside the ropes! Katie Kincaid Katie Kincaid's
show schedule.

Referee Katie Kincaid.

Referees still have to train in the ring! Katie relaxes on the middle turnbuckle during a break in a recent training session.

Katie gets right down into the action to protect a defeated wrestler.

Katie pals around with GeeStar.


Katie Kincaid's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 1"
  • Weight: 140
  • Hair: Dirty blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -410 months

  • How It Started: I was a lifelong fan and finally decided to pursue my dream of being a wrestler. I contacted Shane Helms because he was from North Carolina (only a few hours from me) and seemed very personable and approachable. I asked him to refer me to a reputable wrestling school in the Carolinas. He responded and forwarded me to Jeff Rudd at CWF Mid Atlantic. I trained there for a few months and while in training, I started to referee matches with other trainees and fell in love with refereeing. Kurt Solo at New Empire Wrestling gave me my start as a ref on the shows he ran out of Winston-Salem, NC in the fall of 2003. After a couple of months I began getting more experience, feeling more comfortable and started working in other places, such as Appalachian Championship Wrestling, Ringside Championship Wrestling for Rob McBride, CWF Mid Atlantic, Bluegrass Championship Wrestling in Kentucky, Southern Wrestling Alliance in Tennessee.
  • Gimmick: A spunky, tough cookie referee.
  • Biggest Allies: As an official, I feel it's important to remain unbiased, but I greatly enjoy any opportunity to work with my girls GeeStar & Amber O'Neal, as well as Corey Edsel, Rob the Bull McBride, J-Money, Michael Norris and Grant Sawyer.
  • Most Hated Enemies: Anyone who does not take women in the wrestling business seriously!
  • Career Highlight: Being named the senior official for Ringside Championship Wrestling and refereeing the first title defense by the first female Mid-Atlantic Television Champion, GeeStar, against Quinson Valentino on May 1, 2004.
  • Favorite Wrestlers: Matt Hardy; Ric Flair; Rick Steamboat; Molly Holly; Mick Foley; Christopher Daniels; Samoa Joe.
  • Wrestling Ambition: I want to travel as much as I can, have as much fun as I can, and go as far as I can in this business. I welcome any new challenges that present themselves. It is a very big deal to me to be constantly improving. My main ambition is to continue getting better with every show. I would love to work in as many different promotions and territories as possible. I would especially welcome the opportunity to work in Ring of Honor.

Katie Kincaid's Personal Notes...

    I was born in Germany where my parents were stationed, but raised in Abilene, Texas. From there we settled just north of Charleston, SC.....I am currently enrolled in college for therapeutic massage, specializing in sports medicine.....I am incredibly thankful for my boyfriend, who has been a constant source of love and support throughout my journeys in and out of the ring.....I love animals! Especially dolphins and cats. I have two cats named Shadow and Boots.....I collect anything Garfield and anything with paw prints. I especially have a lot of paw print shirts and bracelets.....My favorite color is purple. I try to wear something purple every day.....I spend a lot of time on the Internet. My father builds computers and I think he instilled that in me.....I play video games a lot also, especially the Final Fantasy series and the WWE releases.....I think my biggest weakness is that I am too soft-hearted. Maybe that's why in the ring I make it a point to not take any crap from anyone!

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