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Mickey The Quickie

Mickey The Quickie is one little sorority girl who is big, BIG trouble! A member of The Frat Pack, Mickey does whatever she can from ringside to help her men. What's that you say? Mickey breaks the rules? She doesn't care! This pigtailed ringside menace sometimes even steps into the ring to do battle with the other women of WOHW. And when she does, the rulebook really goes out the window. If you ever get stuck with an after-school detention, there's a good chance that you'll recognize the girl sitting in the desk next to you: Mickey The Quickie! Mickey The Quickie Mickey The Quickie's
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Mickey The Quickie!

It looks like Mickey is sweet on Marty "The Party" Vain!

Mickey steps into the ring for some action.

Mickey interferes and sprays down a helpless "Buttery" Bert while her man holds him.

The Frat Pack!


Mickey The Quickie's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Weight: 110
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hometown: Albany, New York (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -402 months

  • How It Started: My best friend's cousin owned a wrestling fed and one night she invited me to go along with her to a show. When we got to the door, I had barely handed over my five bucks before I knew that this was something I wanted to do. I guess you could say I was instantly hooked! By intermission, I had papers in my hand to sign. By the end of the night, I was told that practice was Tuesday and three days later I was there and ready to go. Unfortunately, that fed closed down six months later. After a short hiatus away from wrestling I went to a WOHW show and quickly realized how much I missed the business. That's when I got involved again with my current fed.
  • Gimmick: Simple: I am Mickey The Quickie!
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: From top to bottom: Pigtails; black and white sweater/tee-shirt; plaid skirt; knee socks; black and white saddle shoes.
  • Manager Of: For now, I am the valet to Steve Kruz "The One Night Stand" with general manager Marty "The Party" Vain. All of us are part of the Frat Pack. I also manage any Frat Pack member who is on the card. Once I am ready, however, I will have more matches then valet spots.
  • Biggest Allies: All heels are friends of the Frat Pack! We are a pack of frat people...and since I am the only girl, you could say that I am the sorority part of the team! Another ally is Barbie...she and I have even teamed up a few times.
  • Most Hated Enemies: Kayla Sparks! She'll get what's coming to her! And I hate any other little girly girl that steps into the ring. In fact, I hate all those "good guys"...they're softies and they should be beaten!
  • Career Highlight: Every part of my wrestling career is a highlight. I love every part of everything I do!
  • Favorite Wrestlers: There are too many to mention really. But Kane and Cactus Jack are particular favorites.
  • Wrestling Ambition: I try to stay realistic and not go too far with wrestling because the chances are so unlikely. So I guess it's all for fun, unless I actually make it big!

Mickey The Quickie's Personal Notes...

    I live with my father, two cats and one dog. My mother passed away a LONG time ago and my dad has been both my mother and my father.....I'm in college studying Early Childhood Special Education. I hope to one day be an early childhood special ed teacher.....Most of my friends are from within the wrestling business, however I have several friends from High School that I still talk to and some from college as well. I tend to try to focus on school as much as I can.....My cats' names are Lollypop and White Star. Lollypop got her name because she looks like a swirly lollypop. White Star got his name from the white mark on his forehead that kinda looks like a star. My dog's name is Kiki (I DIDN'T NAME HER!!!).....My favorite colors are blue, green and purple (the cool colors).....I listen to all kinds of music. My favorite female singer is Avril Lavigne and my favorite male singer, well, band actually, is Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.....I don't go to clubs much anymore. I love dancing, but I'm not a fan of random guys dancing up on me! When I do go to a club it's usually Sneaky Pete's.

Mickey The Quickie's home fed is...
World Of Hurt Wrestling

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