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Stephanie Roberts

Based in the Pennsylvania/New York area, Stephanie Roberts has been helping her men to victory however and whenever she can. Starting her career as a ring announcer, it wasn't long before she was drawn into the action and became a ringside manager...a manager who is not very popular with the fans, we might add. Why? Because Roberts will use any dirty tactic she can to help her men get their arms raised in victory!  Stephanie Roberts Stephanie Roberts'
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Does Stephanie Roberts have enough attitude for ya?!

Stepanie Roberts backstage.

Steph meets Buff Bagwell.

Stephanie Roberts and a bull rope: that spells TROUBLE for an unfortunate opponent.

Stephanie doesn't hesitate to get involved in her man's matches.

Stephanie and her main man, IB Green.


Stephanie Roberts' Profile...

  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: None of your business!
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hometown: Elmira, New York (USA)

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  • Years In Wrestling: -404 months

  • How It Started: Actually, it was my husband's idea. He is an independent wrestler himself...has been since 1999. His name is IB Green. He's worked for feds such as NMW, SPW, BCW, RPW, AAWF, PYW, KD and, of course, WSW. World Star became "our home" in April of '02. Pretty soon, the shows got bigger and one night they needed a ring announcer and my husband suggested that I could do the job. No training...nothing...just get in there and do it because I've been around the business so much. Well, I'd ad lib here and there and I got the fans attention. So my promoter, Johnny Glitter, decided to make me into a manager. So, as of March of '03, I became "2Xtreme" Stephanie Roberts.
  • Gimmick: When I manage, I'm the Xtreme Bitch. I cheat, I run my mouth, I talk a lot of crap. But it's anything to win. However, I am also a ring announcer. When I ring announce, I am professional and knowledgeable about all who step into my ring.
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: That all depends. When I manage, I'm known for my leather pants. When I ring announce, that is my sophisticated look.
  • Manager Of: IB Green; The Elite 7; Degenerates of Society (Kage & IB when they tag up).
  • Have Managed: The Night Prowler; Switchblade; IB Green; Yuriel Sinister; HellCat
  • Biggest Allies: Currently I work for RCW (Rochester, NY), SWO (York, PA), SAW (Vermont), EGW (Summit Hill, PA) - and wherever else when needed. But the above feds are what I call "home" allies would include Kage, Braydon Shockker, Ricki Lane, Draven Blaze...the list could go on and on I have so much "family" in this business. You make friends inside and outside the business. Lisa (Kage's girl) knows what we go through on an everyday wrestler's life basis. It's hectic. Here at home, being a full-time mom, I rely on my best friend Jennifer. She keeps me grounded.
  • Most Hated Enemies: Right now I manage IB Green in SWO. We have a feud going with Arkham for the cruiserweight title. Also in EGW I manage the Elite 7. (Sean Fury, The Saint, IB Green, Braydon Shockker, Cletus Gambino, Draven Blaze & High Voltage) We have a feud going with the Board of Directors crew (Dennis Diamond, Nikki Ice, Ice Dwarf, Zuber, Porter, Rebecca Payne & Michael).
  • Career Highlight: When I was a ring announcer, our promoter had a Christmas awards banquet for his wrestlers. I won ring announcer of the year in '02. Another time that sticks out in my mind was when I first came out as a manager. We were in Lansford, PA with a pretty good sized crowd, and the whole right side of the ring started chanting: "Who let the dogs out?" Not one of my most favorite moments, buy one I'll never forget! One that comes to mind also - I was at a show with my husband in Rochester and he was asked to go to Buffalo to do another show that same day. He was game, I said sure let's go. I was asked to Manage HellCat. However, I did not have my gear, I did not expect to work, I'd never worked for that fed before and had not expected to be asked. He said borrow something from another girl worker and manage me - you've paid your dues. I felt really good at that moment. Thanks Hellcat!
  • Favorite Wrestlers: Of course, my husband, IB Green. On the indy scene I like Matt Turner and HC Loc - also Dunn & Marcos. TNA I would love to meet AJ Styles. On the WWE scene, I've always loved the Hardys...but my fav would have the be Gregory "Shane Hurricane" Helms. He's so down to earth. I've met Ivory and she is wayyyyy cool. But actually the most funny, down to earth guy I've met so far would have to be Larry Zbysko.
  • Wrestling Ambition: I'm happy doing what I'm doing: living for the weekends. I can leave my normal, everyday life and become someone else each weekend. I know I'm no size 5 or nothing--I'll admit, I'm a bigger girl. So all I can do is try my hardest and give my all right where I am.

Stephanie Roberts' Personal Notes...

    I live in a little town right on the Pennsylvania/New York border. Nothing much goes on here.....I went to Catholic school most of my life. I hit public school in 9th grade. I met my now husband in 10th grade. We've been together since 1991, got married in 1998, and have two beautiful children: A daughter (12) and a son 5......I work a normal 9-5 job during the week, but I love the weekends.....My husband is also an independent wrestler. When we actually have a weekend off from wrestling, I enjoy just hanging out with my friends.....I love to dance and sing.....I enjoy music. From hip-hop to pop to country...if it's got a good beat or I can relate to the song, I like it.....Other than that, I love to spend time at home with my kids.....But when it comes to the weekends, I eat, breathe and sleep wrestling.

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