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Sue Sexton
G.L.O.R.Y. Legend Of The Ring

From the mid-70s through the mid-90s, Sue Sexton was one of the most-respected women competing in the wrestling ring. But the name also struck fear in the hearts of many women wrestlers who were finding out that their opponent for the night was the tough and nasty Ms. Sexton. Sue was quite an accomplished technical wrestler, but she never let that stand in the way of doing what she really liked: punishing opponents. A heel at heart, this legendary Australian-born beauty could dish-out the pain with the best of them...while still holding onto the highest standards of respect for the business. Although Sue has officially retired from public competition, she is still active in helping train new wrestlers who are just starting out. You didn't think Sue Sexton could completely give up dishing out a few bodyslams now and then, did you?! Sue Sexton

Sue Sexton is just as beautiful now as she was when she broke into the wrestling business in the mid-70s.

Here was a common site in the 70s, 80s and early-90s: Ms. Sexton torturing an opponent with a tough, hard hold.

In the 70s, all the magazines were asking this question...

Big Book Of Wrestling Pin-Up Girl: When this picture was taken, not many people knew that this beautiful young rookie would become one of the roughest ladies ever in the history of the sport!

The referee tries to stop Sue from choking Kitty Adams over the lower ring rope.

Sue could take as much as she would dish out. Here, Ms. Sexton is being stretched hard by Madusa Micelli...but she refuses to submit.

Yet another magazine story about Sue during her rookie year. The wrestling mags couldn't get enough of the new wrestling sensation!

Younger fans may not remember The Mike Douglas Show, but it was the most popular variety show of its day. Sue was a Mike and Sonny Bono a few pointers on the fine art of grappling.


Sue Sexton's Profile...

  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Weight: 140
  • Hair: Blonde streaked.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
  • Currently Residing: Los Angeles, California (USA)

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  • Career In Ring: 1975-1996 (21 Years)

  • How It Started: I was at the local matches in my hometown and there was an advertisement on the side of the ring for a wrestling club. I was intrigued by it, so I went in and and joined! It was held in the annex of a church and just a few blocks from my house. I was the only girl in my town to wrestle, so I learned with the guys. My trainer had wrestled in England and was named Ali Musa "The Turk".
  • Gimmick: I really didn't have a gimmick. The closest to a gimmick I had was probably being Australian. I'm just not the "gimmicky type" I guess. But I was known for being a sound technical wrestler...and "the dirty one"!
  • Wrestling Style: Technical. More or a male style, I think. Very much the heel, but by choice...not because I lacked the skill to be anything else.
  • Gear/Outfit/Costume: Nothing in particular really, except maybe my Australian boots that I had made in Japan when I was on tour there in 1976.
  • Titles Held: Australan Champion; LPWA Champion.
  • Biggest Win: I don't really have one. I never looked at it that way. I just tried to have great matches every time out. I guess the title match in Japan was pretty cool, though. They always make a big deal out of it and the trophies are so big...but you never get to keep them!
  • Worst Loss: Again, I never really looked at it that way. Wins and losses weren't as important as a good match. Actually, I don't remember ever being pinned in the middle of the ring. I got disqualified a whole bunch though!
  • Favorite Type of Match: I alwasy liked aggressive matches. Intellectual matches that involved the skill of wrestling. Some of the matches I had with people like Leilani Kai would be amongst my favorites. Matches that had great timing to them, and where the wrestlers and the audience felt rewarded as well were also the most satisfying. As far as rules go, I had no preferences really...althoug I'm not into cage matches or chain matches. But going outside the ring to work a little is cool. Battle royals were always disorganised and it was very hard to have a good one. I don't like any match that leaves the auidience disappointed or without closure.
  • Favorite Moves/Holds: Being that I prefer technical wrestling, I like lots of reversals and holds that become something the aeroplane spin then bridging back into the pin (kind of a supplex back) or a vertical supplex reversed by the underdog into backdrop to a pin. But you know, lots of the basic the boston crab, real strong tosses off the ropes, drop toe hold...all that kind of stuff I like.
  • Finisher: Finishers are a little the same as above. Any good, strong move. In the LPWA, they wanted a real power move so I had the Electric Chair: basically, suplexing someone back off my shoulders. But I had a lot of moves that I never got to use on the show because they were too technical and people weren't into that as much as power slams, big suplexes, etc.
  • Biggest Allies: In the ring, no one really. Outside the ring, I always got comfort from having people like Leilani, Judy Martin and Velvet MacIntyre being in the business because they maintained the dignitiy of the art form of wrestling...whereas some of the new girls back then had not been taught it. There are some really good girls out there Molly McShane...who have that same class and who I've been fortunate to have gotten to work with.
  • Toughest Opponents: Toughest would probably be Jean Kirkland. She was great, but pretty hardcore. I really liked my matches with her because it was like fighting for your life!
  • Career Highlight: Career highlight, I think, would be my involvement with LPWA because in the beginning they had good intensions. My old trainer from back home finding me on the Web in mid-2002 was a highlight (I'm easy to please!). My biggest "high" from the industry was watching Betty Niccoli in Japan in a match with a Japanese girl. For an hour they fought...and they had the audience holding its breath the whole time! That was great!!!
  • Favorite Wrestlers: Okay, from this century? Just kidding! Rick Flair because he always had (and has) lots of class. Many of the original girls...the Leilani's, Judy Martin's and Betty Niccoli's. When I was growing up: Bobo Brazil, Killer Carl Cox; Ray Stevens and Killer Kowalski were all favorites. Unfortunately, in Australia, I didn't see any girls. I didn't even know they were out there except for what I would see in magazines out of the states.
  • What I Liked Most: The art of wrestling.
  • What I Liked Least: Everything that happened outside of the ring. The fact that women can't seem to ever be respected as wrestlers or athletes...they are always novelties even though they can be the draw...and then get paid peanuts compared to the guys.

Sue Sexton's Personal Notes...

    Nowadays, even though I don't wrestle public shows anymore, I still enjoy doing some training and try to pass on some of the skills I have learned.....My life mainly revolves around my movie writing, my spiritual work, the readings and energy work, etc.....Many times I just enjoy relaxing and hanging out at home.....I miss the music industry which I used to be a part of. That is on hold right now.....As for hobbies, besides writing, I do yoga. I find it a lot more rewarding than pumping iron, which is what i did when i was wrestling full time.....I'm also hoping to get more going on my web site for fans to buy and see.

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