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"Syko" Sean Dahmer
"Syko" is managed by one of our own GLORY Girls, Stacy Hunter.

Battling Beauties
See pros and pro-am wrestlers step between the ropes and settle their differences woman to woman...far from the screaming fans. This is where the real grudges are settled!

Dangerous Heart & Izzy Poem Page
G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Dangerous Heart and G.L.O.R.Y. Fan Izzy both enjoy writing they've teamed up to put together a Web site of their work. They invite other G.L.O.R.-ians to contribute their work, too.

Devin Devine
The champion wrestler that Stacy Hunter manages.

Independent Insiders
"Wrestling is real, life is still a work." The Independent Insiders site brings you news, photos, scoops and gossip from the Carolina wrestling scene. Lots of funny stuff here...

Independents Online
Lots of information about the independents: workers (female and male), promotions, links, etc.

JBK's Wrestling Memorabilia
A website about JBK's Wrestling Memorabilia owned by Miss Deville's Aunt and Uncle.JBK'S Wrestling Cards & Memorbilia is a web store where you can find Official WWE merchandise and other wrestling memorbilia at a reasonable price! They have T Shirts, Cards, Promo Photos, Magazines (Old & New) and plenty more!

Lethal WOW
Looking for a neat site featuring some of the most popular ladies of the wrestling world? Check out Arron Carlton's Lethal WOW. Lots of news on the WWE Divas.

New Wave Wrestling Magazine
Web site of New Wave Wrestling magazine. Memorabilia, collectibles, fan info and lots more.

Nora Greenwald Shoot DVD
Nora Greenwald's (WWE's Molly Holly) "Shootin' The Crap" DVD! Hear Nora talk about her departure from WWE, how she got her start in the business, thoughts about her career in the ring and more. Also, never before seen photos and video clips.

Pro Wrestling Between The Sheets
Check-out PWBTS for the latest wrestling news on the indy scene and "the bigs"...nice looking site.

Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame & Museum
Located in Schenectady, NY, the Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame & Museum is recognized as THE authority in the history of pro wrestling.

TalkWrestling Radio Show
Listen to Nikita on the TalkWrestling radio show, hosted by Alex Shane, most Saturdays between 3-5pm streaming broadcast on the Net.

Tribute To America
A wonderful and inspiring site dedicated to remembering the victims, heros and events of September 11th, 2001. Created by professional wrestler Scotty Blaze. Thoughtful commentary. Moving pictures. A great tribute site.

USA! Indy Wrestling
Chris Glavin's Web site featuring indy wrestling news, results and interviews. Appears that it is no longer being updated.

Wrestling Autograph Sessions
Georgiann Makropoulos compiles and keeps an updated list of all upcoming wrestler autograph sessions and personal appearances. A GREAT resource for all wrestling fans!

Wrestling Clothesline
Great site for news on many indy wrestlers and promotions--and they give their fair share of attention to the ladies. Check out a great feature they have called "10 Questions With..."

Wrestling Then And Now
One of the longest-running, continuously published newsletters about the wrestling business. Puslisher Evan Ginzburg is a great supporter of both the men and women of the indy wrestling scene.

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