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Pro Wrestling Schools (7)

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24-7 Wrestling
Based in Schenectady, New York, 24-7 Wrestling trains students from the Northeast region for a career in the ring. The school also offers a teen program. 24-7 is where G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Kayla got her start!

Camp IWF
Run by Kevin Knight and A.J. Sparxx, Camp IWF is one of the top schools in New Jersey. Wrestler, manager, valet and referee training; student shows; summer camps for aspiring teen wrestlers; and much more.

Championship International Wrestling Indy
Indianapolis-based CIWIndy's pro wrestling school for women and men. Our own Macaela Mercedes is head trainer for the women.

Michigan Sports Camps/"The Beast Academy"
Located in Coldwater, Michigan, this grappling arts and pro wrestling school in run by Dan "The Beast" Severn.

Squared Circle Training
Squared Circle Training is located in Toronto, Ontraio, Canada. Angel Williams, Tracy Brooks and Gail Kim call SCT home.

The Monster Factory
Run by former-WWF Superstar Larry Sharpe, The Monster Factory is a school where ladies in the NJ and DC areas can learn to take their bumps.

Windy City Pro Wrestling
Windy City Wrestling is one of the Midwest's top pro wrestling schools and promotions. They have featured several current G.L.O.R.Y. Girls on their shows.

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